Friday, 10 July 2009


A while ago, swept up in fashionable blog-0-mania, I entertained the idea of setting up a blog. At this time, however, I didn't really have much to offer and the blog would have deteriorated into a series of glorified Twitter updates. It would have been rather banal and not the sort of thing I'd expect readers to find interesting.

Recently, however, I've returned to the idea of blogging, as now I have a lot more to offer - or so I hope. Firstly, I want this blog to serve as a platform for writing experiments. I want it to function as a space where I can test ideas and share those bits of politics, history and culture, which fascinate me.

I've named this blog 'The Knowledge Eater' as it is exemplifies my approach to knowledge. Just as a hummingbird flits from flower to flower drinking sweet nectar, I flit from text to text, devouring the food of knowledge. Knowledge is what sustains me. Knowledge is what makes me want to know more and more and more. I want to dive deep; not just skim the surface. I want to mine rich veins, shape ideas, and display them for all to see.

At this stage I should point out that in no way will I be casting myself as an expert critic on any chosen topic; rather, more as a commentator, or cultural observer.

So who am I? As well as being an enigma to myself, I am a dreamer, and a romantic. I am emotional and prone to sensitivity. I love words. I love word games. I love literature. With so much love directed towards the written word it is not surprising that I also have a passion for proofreading and editing, in which I will soon be officially qualified.

I work full-time and I am also undertaking a Bachelor of Arts (Communication) with Monash University. My minor is History and Politics and I am also doing a Writing specialisation. I am aiming to complete my degree with Honours in Writing, but that is a few years away.

The direction of my future studies is gradually taking shape and I'm increasingly becoming interested in postcolonial studies. Every time I begin to trace ideas and events of the modern world, I keep coming back to imperialism, and with it, the later events of decolonisation and the myriad effects that are still rippling through the world. It is in this space that I see myself exploring ideas of identity and belonging in literature and film, whilst also providing opportunity to engage with political, historical and media discourses.

Throughout I expect to learn more about myself, and look forward to sharing the journey with you - the reader.

lexis mechanica


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