Thursday, 27 August 2009

Lisa Mitchell - Wonder (Warner)

It's not often that I will get excited about a pop artist, but this week I've been playing the debut album from Lisa Mitchell over and over and over. It's cute and folksy with pop sensibility. Sweet but not saccharine.

Some of you may be aware of her from the 2006 series of Australian Idol. But don't let that colour your opinion. At the age of 16 she demonstrated an incredible maturity of songwriting and coupled with her guitar playing, she was a force to behold.

There's something mystical, wondrous and somewhat magical to her. I'm fascinated at how at such a young age she has developed a depth and vision of the world beyond her years.

Here's a fan compilation of her journey through Idol:

As the final song says 'I'll See You Soon' and indeed we did. In 2007, Lisa released her 'Said One to Another' EP, which went to #1 on the iTunes 'Top Albums' chart. She also toured and I was lucky to catch her show at the Troubadour, here in Brisbane. It was an intimate show with the audience seated in front of the stage, and everyone quiet, hushed and attentive. She simply sang, played guitar, and after a few problems with the harmonica brace, played that too. Remarkable.

Without going into further detail with her bio (see I want to turn attention to her debut album - Wonder, which was released recently on 31 July. Having started the songwriting in 2007, Lisa moved to London where she worked with Ant Whiting (Zero 7, Sia, Arctic Monkeys) and Ed Harcourt, and songwriter Andy Barlow (Lamb).

Lisa is having the time of her life headlining her own national tour and playing to sold out shows. She also played at this year's legendary Glastonbury Festival in the UK.

So with such amazing talent behind her it's no wonder, that Wonder, is set to take the breath of a nation away.

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